Prehabilitation Massage Therapy

Prehabilitation Massage Therapy is the process of optimizing physical functionality pre-activity to enable the individual to maintain a normal level of function during and after training

It is a form of Registered Massage therapy to treat an athlete with the goal of reducing the chances of any unwanted injuries which could potentially cost them valuable training time. The success of the Prehabilitation Massage Therapy treatment depends on the athlete’s commitment. Prehabilitaion massage Therapy should not be confused with preconditioning, which is a term used to describe the process of preparing the body for more complex and sport-specific activities.

Ryan Doyle


A Sports Injury Therapist is a member of a health care profession, which combines the knowledge, and skills related to Massage Therapy and Sports Injury Therapy.

Prehabilitation Massage Therapy helps you to:

  • Increase Muscle pliability
  • Correct muscle length imbalance, joint alignment and flexibility
  • Enhance muscle endurance, strength and power
  • Boost movement pattern efficiency; and
  • Achieve normal static and dynamic posture

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